Apart from this page, the writer would prefer
that you didn't read the contents of this site
in the first place. However, if you inadvertently
did get a peek, the author cannot, and will not,
be held responsible for your opinion, nor any
other intellectual, legal, moral, academic,
religious, computational, or other process
applied to the contents. It will be understood
that the reader's understanding or interpretation,
be it moral, religious, aesthetic, ethical, legal,
or otherwise, of this site and it's contents, is
entirely their own, and does not in any way
reflect on the opinions, ideas, understanding,
intention, taste, character, culture, legitimacy,
intellect, nor integrity, rights, or freedoms, of
the author. In short, the author does not share
the same mind space as the reader, and thus does
not even have the ability or resources to
understand, what you or anyone else may think as
a result of contacting this site - your thoughts
are your own. Sorry.

The reader acknowledges that this same
author/reader relationship holds true for others,
including people who may hear about this from
you, a third person, or anyone else, regarding
this site or it's contents. Furthermore, the
reader acknowledges that this holds true even if
this other person, or persons, does not
understand, and despite that they may even feel
or believe that they do.

Apart from this agreement, everything else on
this site is a random combination of letters,
numbers, digital doodads, and piddely pixels.
Anyone who inadvertently stumbles upon this site
and perhaps gets a glimpse of the contents should
understand that what is here is random art and
should only be seen as concrete poetry with no
truth or implication of any kind. It is pure
gibberish, incapable of meaning or intent.

                                voxigo 09-01-16



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