Newcomers Welcome

February 22, 2010

Try calling a bulletin board – here’s how.

I feel like my BBS series should include information on how to access a BBS. Much of what I have written so far is aimed at people who do know how, but who I am trying to encourage to do so. That is, people who used to do it, but have forgotten or didn’t realize that the scene was still alive. There are many people who have vintage computers who are not using bulletin boards and whom I would encourage to add BBSing to their vintage experience.

Still, somebody who doesn’t know how to connect to a BBS might come along, so I will give some basic information with a few links for the details. If you’ve never done it, it’s easy.
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More Bulletin Boards

February 5, 2010

An even dozen from around the world. (updated)

I have continued my exploration of the BBS community and have more to report. Not all these boards are really great and not all are completely functional. This is because many boards seem to get old and disused after a while. However new ones come on the scene and old ones revive.

In prervious posts I have given links to lists of boards. These are useful, but the number of dead ends can make their use difficult. One organization which has a solution to that problem is They maintain a list which is checked daily to make sure the boards are up and running. That, of course, doesn’t mean that they all work, but it’s a good start.

The does much more. In their own words:

“ offers a collection of internet services to the bbs (bulletin board system) community. We offer an irc network and a nntp (or news) server.”

I am sure their efforts will help give more life to the community. Hopefully too, that will make it more attractive to newcomers.

I found another list which is up to date. I’ll let them explain:

BBSfinder is based off of the concept used at A dynamically updating list of of radio stations (in BBS finders case, Bulletin Board Systems) that is never out of date. The idea was sparked due to two main factors… The Bulletin Board Scene has dwindled since it’s glory days in the 80’s and 90’s. While there are many BBS’s active, the caller numbers have lowered. This is a site to help raise awareness that BBS’s are still alive and kicking.”

You can find them at

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