The header shows an old Maple Leaf 3 ton dump truck. I like it because it’s got nice colours. The colours in the picture are different from the real thing, but I like them too.

Stuff is very important to me. Imagining things is fun, but my body and mind are made up of stuff like food. The only way to get away from stuff is to die. Even then you just stop thinking about it.

Some of the posts on this blog will be about computers. I like computers because of what they can do for other fields. Computers themselves are fun too. I don’t usually use a closed case for them and I’ve never had a ready made. I browse the net using an Intel D915 CPU and a bunch of stuff connected to it. When I write, I use a P133 which is set up to work faster than any modern computer I’ve ever seen. It’s easier to think that way.

Economics is another subject of interest to me. I have very little interest in money so I’ve found this to be a particularly good fit.

To me the bottom line is the sensual. If you feel bad you have to do something about it. The feel of the world is the world. It comes down to things. Your body and you soul need stuff. You have to eat.

I live in Canada with an FSA of VOX and an LDU of IGO. I am Voxigo.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. jerry prussin said

    Hi Ole,
    How are things going?Its been some time.I seem to have more time to try new activities though the shop still runs and needs some of my time.I spend a couple of hours a day,but can go away for weeks at a time as well.
    Ive been keeping bees ,this year harvesting 200 lbs of honey from 3 hives at my house and 2 on the shop roof.Very floral in flavor.
    Are you playing a bit?I’m sitting in front of a fire at home.Its a bit chilly out,a taste of winter in the air.I guess you must need a lot of wood to keep warm.I’m always chopping and stacking wood it seems both here and at Valdes where we have 2 cabins that are solely heated with wood.
    Norah and I bike about and often pass by your old house.I have memories of slow moving afternoons chatting with your mom and dad and enjoying rich coffee and chocolate biscuits.
    Well,give me a call when you’re in town and we can catch up,
    Hope you are well,

  2. Great comment, “even then we just stop thinking about it” LOL.

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