Punk DNS

October 9, 2016

Whatever happened to the old days? Oh right, they’re not fashionable any more. But seriously, there is no reason why you and I can’t just do what they used to do back then by copping an attitude that is consistent with taking it back.

Back to the days when things weren’t so dammed locked down by absolutists and corporate tyranny. Back to when fundamental ideas of the internet were still something with which the individual user would tango.

The fact is that if you are willing to undergo a bit of attitude adjustment, the internet is still yours. It still does belong to all of us and it is still possible to use it in individual ways that may not be approved by others.

Recently we’ve heard story after story about the ICANN transition which happened on October the first. Who knows how that will go, but there is one positive benefit, and that is that it brought DNS into the minds of many who hadn’t given it a second thought before that.

The thing is that the ICANN root is considered by many to be the only possible way the internet can work. Of course it’s of economic and social importance that the whole world can be on the same page, but really, there is room for more. In fact one might argue that a little bit of punk is needed to maintain balance.

Introducing a new way of thinking about the internet DNS root. No root. That’s right. If we each operate a server and just become our own root, then things start to look very different. You can pick your own TLD. Yes, top level domain (like .com except your own) and you will be the authority for that.

It sounds crazy, and it is. But that is exactly what the people at FreeNIC are doing. Probably you’ll not see this scale very far, but it certainly looks like fun, and certainly a good way to learn a thing or two about DNS and take control of your own internet experience.

Have a look at their web site and jump in. You’ll probably have to change your attitude a little bit, but I promise you won’t have to get a tattoo.


Visit the FreeNIC site and check it out.


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