Catchup and Computer Spice

November 15, 2010

I notice that there are more people who don’t use a computer than do. Of course the devil is in the word “use”. There’s lots of computers around and more people drive cars with at least one CPU than don’t. Although one of my neighbours drives a ’48 GMC pickup. He’s old, like me, and likes old technology. To bring the vehicle up to date he installed his own positive crank case ventilation. Like many other old people, he embraces technology – and yes he has a number of computers on his desk and knows how to use them. A lot of people don’t take that approach nowadays.

That is the way the world is going. There are more and more computers around, and less and less people who are aware of what they are. They take advantage of them but don’t really “use” them. There are lots of devices on the market which are really computers. The trouble is, those devices are just doing their own thing. The user is doing something else. They are not in control of the machine. It’s not really theirs.

OK, with that little rant out of the way:

It is nice to see that some people do know what a computer is. Last year we saw an old PC with 64KB of RAM go for $4000 on eBay, and this year we saw a Kenbak (with 256 BYTES of memory!) go for $25000. Most people would throw something like that away, but obviously someone could appreciate the spice that an old computer can offer.

I’ve just been restoring an IBM PC for which I paid $40. Price wise, that’s more my speed, but I’m going to get my money’s worth. It has already added a lot of spice to my computing life. With only a single floppy running DOS 2.0 and a 1983 version (the first one) of Kermit, it will connect nicely to a BBS through a Hayes internal which is also from 1983. I’ll put up another story with a picture or two.

Now that I’m back to this blog, I apologize to jas for not responding to what I thought were really odd comments, but I’ll get to that. His board can be found here: To me, anybody who puts up a bulletin board deserves a boost.

Also, apologies to greg urbano whose comment sat for a long time in limbo waiting for approval. He wrote: “my friend is writing a blog on the old bbs still running, you can check it here –

Back shortly . . .


3 Responses to “Catchup and Computer Spice”

  1. jas said

    “Now that I’m back to this blog, I apologize to jas for not responding to what I thought were really odd comments, but I’ll get to that.”

    they weren’t odd comments if you would look at what i was commenting on. you were critiquing a bbs and wondering why the signup was like that, and i EXPLAINED why it was so.

  2. Voxigo Fan said

    Voxigo, you’ve done some interesting write-ups here…Thanks!

    Don’t worry about jas. He’s known to be rude and arrogant (not to mention a law enforcement agent running a “hacking” BBS).

  3. voxigo said

    Thanks Fan! Not to worry – jas is OK. I realize that I have a very different approach to computers than others. It was odd in 1980 and it’s odd now. :)

    I guess I should post some more entries here. I was going to list the IBM cards that I used for the 5150 and why I like them. It seems though that all my web pages (don’t ask) take up too much time.

    Also, one of my two main computer is a P1-166 running MS-DOS 6.22 and I’m sure a lot about that one is of interest to some people. I just replaced the 6GB HDD with an 8GB CF which is very cool. In fact after so many years of using DOS now, I would have to call my setup a “distro”. How about VOXIDOS? Naw, Microsoft would get after me for using their kernel.

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