Vista Defeat Declared

January 18, 2009

I see the FSF news page has a story mentioning that they are taking down their site. Enough is enough, they imply. Why are they giving up now?

Because they won, that’s why. MicroSoft has just announced the beta release of their next OS so they are clearly moving on. Put that together with the fact that the dropping of XP support has been repeatedly postponed and you’ve got the picture.

I was interested to read that the Vista marketing campaign was the largest OS campaign that the company had ever undertaken. To me that means that they were concerned that their intended audience wouldn’t understand on their own why they should change. It would appear, however, that they still don’t. So. I guess MicroSoft lost 300 million on that one.

Not to worry. They have deep pockets. But the world changes and at some point what used to be an advantageous position or tactic, is not going to be so anymore. A few companies change with the times, but Microsoft doesn’t seem to be able to do so.

Most people still don’t know what an OS is, so to maintain their past level of control Microsoft has to manipulate manufacturers and marketeers. That is becoming increasingly difficult for them. What will they do? My guess is nothing. They will just morph and rot like other empires have done. Life imitating nature.

Good riddance I say, but I’m not holding my breath. They will fight to the last dollar and screw everybody just to spite them. Like any big religion, they also have a lot of followers who don’t mind being screwed because they are true believers. Until those get unborn again, MicroSoft will remain with us.


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