Squirrels nowadays

January 18, 2009

This morning one of the cats was up the big old ash tree we have in the back yard. He wasn’t going to come down for breakfast, though eventually changed his mind. It appears that he had a squirrel up there.

Poor thing. It had retreated to an uppermost branch. A very thin branch unnavigable by a heavier animal – such as a cat. This is probably a good maneuvre except it leaves him prone to an attack from big birds, this being a decidious tree. Luckily, with the cold weather and snow cover, there don’t seem to be so many crows and hawks around right now. Still, these cats are good climbers and I’ve seen them in some pretty thin branches before.

As soon as Nick (Nicholae) came down, Bob (Bobcat, né SuperBob) ran up the tree to take up his post. Bob does not give up, and is a skilled hunter. Before we got him he had learnt to fend for himself and he mostly preserves the instincts of a wild animal. He will never go hungry.

A while later the squirrel has retreated to an even smaller branch and is yelling at Bob. I couldn’t quite make out what he said, but he seemed to have more of a taunting effect on Bob, rather than a diplomatic one. This squirrel is obviously quite misinformed about the wisdom of sitting in what Bob considers his tree and yelling insults at him.

Eventually, I called the cats, and since I am the one that feeds them, they decided to cut their losses and go for a real meal. In they came and I took as long as I could before I fed them – looking out the window to see if Mister Squirrel was still up there. It took a while, but he did come out of that branch. Then I fed the cats and everyone was happy, I thought.

Just to make sure, I went out on the porch so I could see the whole yard and ascertain if the squirrel had made it’s getaway. By golly – he was still running around the tree – and now he was complaining about me being out there! What school of survival does this guy come from? Anyway, Bob wanted to go out again and I let him. Cats belong outside, and I can only do so much to meddle with the inevitable. Bah! Squirrels nowadays!

NOTE: Every blogger must have a picture of his cat. I’ve spared you the embarassment and writen a story instead. You can file this under CATS. I won’t bother.

PS: Nick says Hi.


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