Web 2.0

January 17, 2009

I admit I don’t know what it means any more than anyone else, it seems like. What I do see is a trend that is associated with it.

To me there is a school-yard effect. There is a need for approval along with a fear of standing out. This is a bad thing. People get hurt.

Like runners, jeans, and t-shirt. Nobody can point a finger. Light blue with perhaps a little gray? Less formal: a touch of pastels with the corner of some wispy picture as the header. Gimme a break! How about a little taste. I mean taste, as in camembert, old cheddar, and single malt scotch. Not taste, as in marshmellows and skim milk.

Social networking. Fine, lets exchange e-mail addresses. Too complicated? OK lets go to a site where we can exchange 3 word sentences and links to other pastellie sites. What a waste of time. All those social networkers have free webspace which is not being used. Free blogs with one (half) entry, and e-mail addresses full of spam. Pathetic really.


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