Hello world!

January 16, 2009

Hello world?

I didn’t actually write that, though it’s pretty good don’t you think? OK. Maybe it would look better in C. Unfortunately that’s one language I don’t speak, along with many others.

I speak english, danish, flute, art, dos, a touch of botany, and a little linux. Well actually I’m pretty good at making things too, so perhaps I should say that I also speak technology.

Ah, technology! We know what that is – you say. Thats all about computers and plastic boxes and things on TV that kids want. Yeah, right. Well let me suggest that your grandmother probably knew more technology than the average kid nowadays. The thing is that the word has recently been redefined in popular parlance to mean, well, … very little.

This blog will be about much more than technology. I will write about many things that concern me in some way. Perhaps they will be important, perhaps they won’t. It is my plan to not worry about it too much. That’s why the picture of the dump truck on the header. I’ll talk more about that truck as time goes on.

Stay tuned …


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  1. Joe Kerr said

    Isn’t “Hello World” a copyrighted phrase when used in the context of computers? Anyway, I doubt it preceeds Bell Labs. Only a programmer would say something like that… or sombody who’s been in the basement for a long time.

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